SHAREit Apk Crack 6.2.62 + Pro for android + PC Version [2022]

SHAREit Apk Crack 6.2.68 + Pro for android + PC Version [2022]

SHAREit Apk Crack 6.2.68 + Pro for android + PC Version [2022]

SHAREit Apk Crack 6.2.62 + Pro for android + PC Version [2022]

SHAREit Apk Crack There are many ways to share a video, song or photo from one device to another. Typically, I often use cables, USB, cloud computing technology or Bluetooth if you want to transfer any file to another phone. The cable is quite annoying because you always have to carry it with you. USB has many risks that you get malicious files. Bluetooth is a pretty good option, but if you want to share a big size file will take a lot of time. In such cases, my solution is SHAREit – the best file sharing application today.

SHAREit is a data sharing application developed by ShareIt Technologies, which allows you to transfer documents, videos, music, photos, contacts and many other files without the need for technologies like Bluetooth or cloud computing. Thanks to this application, you can transfer documents from an Android to Android device, Android to iOS or Windows Phone. Any device can be used, as long as both of your devices have installed SHAREit and connected to the same Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot.

Flexibility is the most outstanding advantage of SHAREit. You can transfer a file from your phone to your tablet, from your tablet to your PC or from your phone to your PC easily and quickly with just a few basic steps. In addition, you can discover a store of music, images, gif and online videos with the highest quality.

Simple interface, easy to use

The interface of SHAREit is extremely simple and intuitive, making it convenient for users to use. At the sending device, simply select the file to send and click the Send button. You need to wait for the application to scan your file in seconds. After that, the receiving device can confirm and download the file you just shared. Note that the two devices need to be close enough to ensure uninterrupted file transfer.

SHAREit Apk Crack 6.2.62 + Pro for android + PC Version [2022]

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Key features

  • The sharing speed is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, about 20M / s
  • The file is not degraded
  • There is no limit to the size and number of files
  • File sharing is easy and fast
  • Multi-platform support, transfer files between different devices via Wifi network
  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • User community up to billions of people
  • Ensure safety during file sharing
  • Small size, just 20M
  • Support 39 languages


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What is SHAREit?

Share Mod Apk is the Modded Version of Official SHAREit App in which Annoying Ads, Online Videos, Games, Movies are Completely Removed by Cutting Off the Internet Data in it. 🙂

How to use shareit apk on android?

1- Download SHAREit Apk from Revdl and install it on your Android device.
2- Launch SHAREit apk and go to app.
3- Enter Send Button and then Select the files for sending

How to transfer files between iPhone and android with shareit ?

1- Download SHAREit apk and ios on your devices from the revdl and app store.
2- repeat level 1

How to connect share it android to pc?

1- Download and install SHAREit android on your mobile device
2- Choose your file that you want to send
2- Run SHAREit on your Windows or Mac PC
3- Click on Receive (in your pc)

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